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Grown in the Willamette Valley

Established in 2016

Mother Magnolia, formerly known as M3, is not just a cannabis company; we're curators of connection and catalysts for creativity. In a world of uncertainty, we're here to provide a safe haven where hearts and minds can expand. Our crafted cannabis products invite you to step out of battle mode, embrace your creative spirit, and find moments of reflection.

As a craft cannabis brand entering a new phase of growth, our commitment remains unwavering. From sourcing premium inputs to ensuring the well-being of our team, we're dedicated to delivering authentic experiences. Join us on this voyage, where premium cannabis, deep connections, and tranquil interludes intersect.

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We Help You Unwind, Unlock Your Creative Side & Reflect

Our Mission
Organic principles and exceptional care
large-Scale Production, small-batch Attention
Constantly work to improve ourselves

Our Awesome, Hardworking Team

The Secret Sauce

Our farm boasts a team of cannabis experts from various backgrounds, each with a wealth of experience in different industry cultures. Along our diverse journeys, we've all developed a shared appreciation for the benefits of well-cultivated cannabis. Our strength lies in leveraging this collective knowledge and experience to bring you the very best.

We've not only assembled a diverse team but also cultivated a vibrant, inclusive community at our farm. You'll always find a sense of connection with us. From utilizing indoor LED lights to creating custom soil blends and implementing cultivar-specific nutrient regimens, our team is dedicated to going the extra mile!

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